Specials News - Art

Wow, what a ride we have had for the first semester! I love traditions and have been able to continue at least one at Bacon. Most classes were able to complete their “beginning of the year” self-portrait while we were in the art room. You won’t see these until your student is in 5th grade or if you are moving to another school (if you know that you’ll be moving, please let me know so I can round up all the artwork for your child). I keep all the self-portraits in a file cabinet in the art room, and I love showing students, once they’re finished with their drawing, as an example of their growth as an artist from year to year. Everyone in the school does this project because of the amount of growth we can see which usually is accompanied with a lot of laughs and ‘oooh’s and ‘wow’s. 

The other tradition is the “Loved-One’s Wrap-Up,” where we collect all our artwork from the year and wrap it in big paper to take home the week before Mother’s Day. I need to see how much artwork we can complete in person, when we are back in the building, before I can determine if we will get to do this project this year. 

I am so thankful for, and impressed by, our elementary artists!  All of our students have been doing a great job using the Google Classroom and Seesaw platforms. My goal at the beginning of this technology-filled school year was to respond to all students’ Seesaw artwork. It has been a vast undertaking, but I can’t seem to do it any differently!  I love this opportunity
to hear/read the artists' statements accompanying their artwork and respond!  I’d like to encourage families to check out the Seesaw website for our art class journal, where you can see your artists work along with their classmates’.

This has also been an amazing year as a parent! I have 2 kids of my own, a 5th (at Bacon) & 6th grader. Never have I ever thought I would be multitasking in the capacity that this year has called for! Thank you parents, guardians, and all the “personal assistants” out there making this work!  This year has been a year of gargantuan growth for me. In the past, I have chosen not to use technology in my art class other than a document camera because I thought students just need to use their hands and connect with materials. This year, I feel like I’m striving for a happy medium, mixing tech with “mess”.

As we embark on this new year, 2021, the thing that will continue to put wind in my sails is getting to see my artists each day and to create art together.

Thank you for supporting our wonderful artists!

Mrs. Dixon