Intermediate News - 5th Grade

We are finally back in 5th grade classrooms! Now that we are here, we will be hard at work showing depth of understanding in all categories of our academic learning. This is the perfect time of year to put our knowledge and higher order thinking skills to work! This month will be full of fun, creativity, and commitment! Here is a snapshot of what we will be up to this month:

  • Reading - As the kids focus in on reading for meaning, they have worked diligently determining themes in text and analyzing and comparing characters or events. From here, they will move into figurative language and use what they know about crafts and structure to derive meaning from words and phrases as they are used in text as we research The Wild West and Westward Expansion.
  • Writing - This month the students are building on previously learned informational writing and how to incorporate facts and details into writing arguments. We will be focusing on making claims by establishing strong thesis statements and organizing powerful pieces even addressing potential counterclaims and solutions. It is a great topic that inspires passionate feelings at an individual level, and many opportunities for research and reference citing that will prove to be beneficial in the future.
  • Math - The Envision topics covered this month will include: applying understanding of multiplication and division with fractions. We will extend on our previous knowledge of multiplication and division and make connections to real life. We will also continue to develop skills and reinforce concepts previously taught using DreamBox when we can.
  • Science—When it comes to science the kids will be expanding their minds and what we have learned about weather and water to explore the effects of erosion and decomposition from water and wind over time. They will also review the scientific method and the Engineering and Invention Design models to further their knowledge of how scientists conduct experiments to help them in potentially pursuing a science fair project.
  • Social Studies - Finally, in social studies we will be covering two very important topics that helped influence and shape our country and the government system of today. We will be examining the Declaration of  Independence and The American Revolution

It's going to be a busy month!

~The 5th Grade Team