Primary News – 1st Grade

The school year is off to a great start in first grade! We have a lot of first graders new to Bacon this year so it’s been exciting meeting so many new friends! We are busy learning our schedules, routines, and expectations. One of the most exciting things has been lunch in the cafeteria. The first day in the cafeteria was a little tricky, but it’s going much smoother now. Students have enjoyed visiting their three different Specials classes: art, music and PE. They’ve also started their “Breakfast Club” rotations which include technology, social and emotional learning (counselor), and library. These classes take place once a week for 30 minutes. Between Specials and Breakfast Club rotations our first graders are getting to meet many new teachers and experience a lot of new learning. We have a lot of exciting things to cover this year, and we are looking forward to doing it with this wonderful group of first graders!

~ The 1st Grade Team