Intermediate News – 4th Grade

We are so excited to begin this year with in-person learning. We can’t wait to get into the swing of things and teach our favorite subjects and concepts to our 4th graders.

We begin the year learning how to write a realistic fiction story. Students will learn how to make a story arc and entertain their readers with a story that is both captivating and realistic at the same time. Writing a story is challenging, yet rewarding when we print off our final papers and publish them for our classmates and parents to read.

In math, we will review place value and talk a lot about understanding numbers. Our math curriculum becomes challenging so it is important that students know the value of numbers before we move
onto the more difficult math concepts.

In reading, we will begin reading a chapter book together. We will explore figurative language, author’s purpose, and many other reading strategies.

We love getting to know our students and we are ready to have a fun year of learning and growing together!

~The 4th Grade Team