Specials News — Art

We have a couple of traditions in the Bacon Art Room (1 that was disrupted by COVID). One is the beginning of the year self-portrait that all students in the school draw. You won’t see these until your student is in

5th grade or if you are moving to another school (If you know that you’ll be moving, please let me know so I can round up all your students artwork.) I keep all the self-portraits in a file cabinet in the art room, and I love showing off the growth in ability from year to year. The second tradition is the “Loved One’s Wrap-Up” which I’m bringing

back this year! During the year, I save all students artwork in boxes that live on top of my cabinets until the week before Mother’s Day. This serves a couple of purposes, 1: I can choose from more of a selection for art shows and 2: all the artwork comes home together, safely, and is super special. Your students should be able to tell or show you what they’ve been working on in the art room; the most important thing is to 

talk with your artist about what they’re working on. Last year I used a program called “Seesaw.” This was a great way to communicate with students at home, but now I will use it so families can see what students are working on in class. I will share information when that is up and running.

Poudre School District has collaborated with Colorado State University to create a virtual art show. The Designs & Images district art show can be found on the CSU website if you search “Designs & Images”. It’s amazing to see the growth our young artists have in our school district!

Please remember that these artists always try their best and are learning more about being an artist with every class; each project incorporates not only art vocabulary, techniques, supplies, planning, critical thinking skills, and more, but also includes social aspects about being a member of a team like sharing, negotiating, conflict resolution and much more.

I’m looking forward to another great year in the art room! Thank you for supporting the arts and your awesome artists!

Jen Dixon