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Gifted and Talented

It’s hard to believe the first trimester of school will be over next week. The beginning of the year is always busy in the Gifted and Talented world. Third, fourth, and fifth grade students in the GT program just finished writing goals for their Advanced Learning Plans (ALP). Each student selects an academic goal to focus on for the year, as well as an affective goal (social/emotional). The affective goals vary for each grade level. Third graders focus on peer relationships, fourth graders work on organization and study skills, and fifth graders learn about healthy risk-taking. During the goal setting session, students also had the opportunity to participate in a lesson led by our counselor, Mrs. Eaton, that centered around their affective goals. Students will revisit their goals in January or early February and again at the end of the school year.
I always enjoy meeting with students to write their ALPs. It’s exciting to see them setting goals and developing plans for how they hope to achieve their goals. They are all very thoughtful and motivated. I am fortunate to collaborate with students in the ALP process, and I look forward to watching them grow and achieve throughout the year.
Students’ ALPs will be sent home prior to Thanksgiving break.
Marci Kincaid

Gifted and Talented members