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Welcome to Bacon Elementary

From the Desk of Mr. Horky

Dear Bacon families,

As we embark on the close of another school year, I must say that time passed quickly, and in that time, we have accomplished many things to be proud of! I’ve been blessed to observe teachers teaching and students learning. I have observed parents taking an active role in supporting our school’s mantra of Make IT count for all learners! I have observed community partners be supporters of our students. 


Primary News ~ 2nd Grade

As we move into the end of the year second grade is excited for our upcoming field trip to Old Town Fort Collins. Students will learn how to use maps and map keys to understand their place in the world. We will then learn about the history of our town from the early people 11,000 years ago to the founding of modern Fort Collins. During the trip we will visit the Avery House, Old Firehouse books, and explore historic buildings and signs downtown.

At home, keep helping students put forth their best effort! Nightly reading is essential for building fluency and comprehension in second grade. It’s also a great idea to practice math facts with flash cards a few times per week. We’re looking forward to a great rest of the spring in second grade! The second grade team

Intermediate News ~ 5th Grade

I can’t believe it is already May... the end of the year is fast approaching! As we begin to wrap up I want to remind and update you on what we will be working on in 5th grade these last few weeks of school. For starters, CMAS testing is finally over! Every student worked so hard and truly did an outstanding job! Thank you for all your support at home. We also began our unit on Human Growth and Development on April 29th. It’s a unit the kids always dread but come away from feeling confident and more mature as they head towards middle school. In other academic areas we continue to work hard as well. Here are a few things we are up to this last month of school: 

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Specials News ~ PE

It’s been an active couple of months in the physical education world. First, I wanted to thank all the Bacon parents for their support with the 5210/Schools on the Move challenge. This has been a great one month program (sponsored by the Healthy Kids Club at UC Health) to encourage students, teachers, school staff and families to adopt the following healthy habits every day.

5 servings of fruits and veggies *  2 hours or less of screen time  *  1 hour or more of physical activity  *  0 sugary drinks

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Gifted and Talented 

It’s hard to believe it’s May. What a great year it has been at Bacon Elementary. In the world of GT we have many exciting things happening this month!

On Wednesday, May 1st we have 20 Bacon “mathletes” participating in the PSD Mighty Math Minds Competition. There will approximately 50 teams at the competition, and we will have four teams representing Bacon. Go Bulldogs!! This is a fun night of problem solving, team work, and pizza (of course)!

Here’s an example of the types of questions the kids will be working to solve. This is from the Math Olympiad Website ( sample_files/SampleE.pdf). Give it a try! In the following cryptarithm, each different letter represents a different digit in the 6-digit numbers. If B ≠ 0, what is the least sum possible?




+ BUTTER *The answer is at the end of the article…Don’t’ peek!

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Early Childhood

Do you know that Poudre School District has programs for Early Childhood? Applications to apply for tuition based and/or no-cost preschool for the 2019-2020 school year are now available!

Early Head Start Home Based Program
• Information about pre-natal care and child development
• 90 minute weekly home visits providing fun developmental learning activities
•Support in finding community resources for family needs
• Child health and developmental screenings

3 to 5 Preschool Program
• Quality no-cost preschool program
•Classrooms available throughtout Poudre School District and our community sites
• Help your child be ready for Kindergarten!

For more information call 970-490-3204 or visit

School Accountability Committee

Calling all parents who may be interested in being a member of the Bacon School Accountability Committee (SAC). If you’re interested in data and like looking at root causes and strategies to impact this data – being a member of SAC may be right for you. Please email me if you’re interested ( I would love to share more information with you.  

Feeder System

Enjoy the video about our school feeder system by clicking the image below

The school office will be open from 8:00 – 4:00

Together, let’s make it a great year at Bacon Elementary!