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Principal's Newsletter

Bacon Parents:
The countdown clock has started, school is just around the corner. I hope your summer has been filled with exciting activities along with a little rest and relaxation!
The stage has been set for another highly successful year at Bacon. Each year I ask myself, can things really get any better? My answer heading into this year is a resounding…..YES it can!
A few new things you need to be aware of as we approach the start of the 2019-20 school-year:
New Start Time:
Much time and energy was devoted to revamping our bell-to-bell schedule as a result of the PSD Board of Education vote in November 2018 to change school start times. We are excited to put the new plans into action in a couple weeks. Details you will want to know before the first day include:

Morning Details:
6:30 A.M. Office Staff on Duty
7:15 or 7:25 A.M. Teachers on Duty
7:20 A.M. Breakfast
7:25 A.M. Outside Supervision Begins
7:40 A.M. First Bell!
7:45 A.M. Tardy Bell Rings – Instruction Begins
Mid-Day Details:
11:20 A.M. ½ Day Kindergarten Dismissal
Lunch Schedule:
10:55 A.M. Kindergarten Lunch
11:20 A.M. First Grade Lunch
11:45 A.M. Second Grade Lunch
12:10 P.M. Third Grade Lunch
12:35 P.M. Fourth Grade Lunch
1:00 P.M. Fifth Grade Lunch
Afternoon Details:
2:23 P.M. Student Dismissal
2:33 P.M. Outside Supervision Ends – Playground Cleared
2:53 or 3:03 P.M. Teachers off Duty
3:40 P.M. Office Closed

You can also find the update, and other information about the history of these changes, proposed bell schedules and more, on PSD’s website at
New Staff Members:
I’m excited to introduce new staff members to our Bacon community. In addition to the new staff members, we will be seeing a familiar face in a different place.
New staff
• Lindsey Leverett – Third Grade Classroom Teacher
• Kelsey Dubois – Fourth Grade Classroom Teacher
• Megan Cruise – Exploratory Science/Social Studies Teacher
• Lia Neergaard – Additional Extensive Needs Autism Teacher
• Jessica Reding – Literacy Paraprofessional
• Lindsey Fullerton – Humanities Paraprofessional
• Satie Walker – Innovation Paraprofessional
• Tonky Matthews – Family Liaison
• Joy Kisch – Integrated Service Paraprofessional
• Kaela Bell – Integrated Service Paraprofessional
• Crystal Tani Powell – Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Look for information about each of these new Bacon Bulldog staff members in the September edition of the Bacon Newsletter or on the Bacon Facebook page.

Familiar face in a new place
• Cheyenne Wald – moving from Third Grade to Kindergarten

What’s New:
We are excited to introduce a second rotation into our master schedule this year called, Exploratory. This Monday – Thursday rotation will provide students the opportunity to enhance their Science/Social Studies classroom experience, work collaboratively with hands-on makerspace materials, explore theater as part of their weekly library experience, and engage in research-based bully prevention lessons. Sounds exciting…huh! We’re equally as excited about the adult learning that will happen while students are engaged in these thought-provoking rotations. John Hattie’s Visible Learning Research indicates the number one effect on student achievement is Collective Teacher Efficacy….a collective belief of teachers in their ability to positively effect students. During rotations, grade level teams will work collaboratively to unpack standards, establish clear student success criteria, analyze student work using a three-step protocol, and other high impact influences. You can expect more information on these changes as the school year kicks-off.
All this means we need more space for all these awesome changes. Where will be put everyone? Well……it just so happens that one of Bacon’s bond projects was to convert the stationary bookshelves in our media center to mobile units. This will allow flexibility to transform the center and provide our students with an area for the makerspace experience. In addition, we’ve updated the space beneath the stairways to create small “caves” for collaborative learning with our wonderful volunteers and instructional paraprofessionals for Bacon Bulldogs big and small.

Last but most certainly not least, check out the new Bacon electronic sign. This great communication tool comes to us thanks to our amazing PTO. It’s just one of many examples of how our Bacon school community and PTO supports student success at Bacon. Make sure and check it out for updates and announcements. Thanks PTO!
Class Lists
Class lists for the 2019-20 school year will be posted at our main entrance at 1:00 on Friday, August 9th. It’s sure to be an exciting afternoon at Bacon!
New Parent Orientation (Optional)
If you are new to Bacon, or came at the end of last year, you are invited to attend an optional new parent orientation meeting on Tuesday, August 13th from 9:00 - 10:00 A.M. I will cover basic school routines and expectations and answer any and all questions you may have about our school and the upcoming year! I hope you can make it.
Meet Your Teacher / PTO Ice Cream Social
The annual “Meet Your Teacher / PTO Ice Cream Social” is Monday, August 19th from 4:00 – 5:30 P.M. This is a chance for all families to come meet the teachers, drop off supplies, sign up for volunteer opportunities, enjoy some ice cream, and reconnect with neighbors and friends. It’s sure to be a fun time!

5th Grade Eco-Week Parent Meeting
Parents of 5th grade students, please mark your calendars for this mandatory parent information meeting on Monday, August 26th at 6:00 P.M. Final details and accompanying forms will be available at this meeting in the Bacon gym.
First Day of School!
The 2019-20 school year kicks off on Tuesday, August 20th!
Back to School Parent Meetings
• 1st Grade Parent Orientation – Monday, August 19th @ 3:00
• Kindergarten Parent Orientation – Monday, August 19th @ 3:15
• 2nd & 3rd Grade – Wednesday, September 4th @ 6:00
• 4th & 5th Grade – Thursday, September 5th @ 6:00
School Accountability Committee (SAC)
Our School Accountability Committee is again looking for new members. As required by the state of Colorado, we meet once a quarter to review school performance plans and goals, budgets, and safety. If interested, please email
The school office is open from 8:00 – 4:00 until our full office staff return on August 13th when office hours become 6:30 – 3:40.
“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”
Thanks for sharing your child with us!
Mr. Horky