Bacon Elementary School

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Principal's Newsletter

Dear Bacon Families,

As we embark on the close of another school year, I must say that time passed quickly, and in that time, we have accomplished many things to be proud of! I’ve been blessed to observe teachers teaching and students learning. I have observed parents taking an active role in supporting our school’s mantra of Make IT count for all learners! I have observed community partners be supporters of our students.

Your child has learned a lot. They’ve read new books and mastered new skills. Now is the perfect time to talk about all the lessons they’ve learned. Find a time over the next few weeks when you can have a relaxing chat with your child about school. You might even plan something special, such as going out for a treat or making a favorite meal together. 

During your talk:

• Take a look back. What was your child’s favorite project this year? In what subject did they improve the most? Which teacher read aloud book was his/her favorite? Which goals did they accomplish? As your child talks about these positive things, help them see the ways they have grown. “You really worked hard to master division this year, you can do hard things when you put your mind to it!”

• Take a look forward. What is your child looking forward to this summer? What are they excited about for next year? Is there a subject or an area they would like to improve next year? Are there books they would like to read?

• Discuss how learning doesn’t stop at the end of the school year. One of the great things about the summer is the opportunity to learn things that aren’t directly related to school. Help your child think about something they would like to learn this summer. Would he/she like to learn a new sport? Would they like to teach them self how to paint? Would they like to learn a new language? Together, make a plan to help your child achieve their goals.

With this being the final newsletter of the year, I would like to thank everyone for sharing your child with us this year. We’ve had a great time learning together and are looking forward to a fantastic final month. We appreciate your support! 

Mr. Horky