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Principal's Newsletter

Dear Bacon Community,
Happy November! On behalf of the Bacon staff, please allow me to extend our wishes for an enjoyable month of Thanksgiving. We continue to be thankful for our awesome parents and community
members who make time in their busy schedules to support our school by volunteering. We recognize and appreciate that you have made school a priority in your busy lives. I am also thankful for our dedicated and hard-working staff that, each day, provides fantastic learning opportunities for our students. And, most importantly, I continue to be thankful for and proud of our amazing Bacon Bulldog students!
As I researched the benefits of being thankful, I came across the following “8 Reasons Why Gratitude is Healthy.” As I sit and reflect on them, I find each to be true and worth passing along.
 It’s good for mental health.
 It boosts well-being.
 It’s been linked with better grades.
 It makes you a better friend to others.
 It helps you sleep better.

 It benefits the heart.
 It’s good for team morale.
 It’s been linked with a better immune system.

As we near Thanksgiving, I encourage you and your family to take a moment to reflect upon what you are thankful for and share with each other. There’s an old American proverb that says: “Friendships are glued together with little kindnesses.” If you have a good friend, be thankful. Tell him or her you are happy to have them as a friend, and then do something special to show how thankful you are. What a great thing for adults to model and practice for our youth.
I would like to thank everyone for attending parent teacher conferences in October. It sure made for a busy yet highly productive week for everyone. By continuing to work as a team, we will continue to make it count for all learners.
I hope everyone has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
Thanks for sharing your child with us!

Mr. Horky