Bacon Elementary School

5844 South Timberline Road Fort Collins CO 80528
Phone: 970-488-5300 Fax: 970-488-5306 Attendance: 970-488-5310

Playground Expecations

Bacon Elementary School Behavioral Expectations





Be Responsible


Always Work Hard


Respect Others


Kindness Counts

8 Keys of Excellence

* Integrity

* Ownership

* This is it

* Failure Leads to Success

* Commitment

* Flexibility

* Balance

* Speak with Good Purpose


* Sit on the swing like you sit on a chair

* Follow expectations



* Permission from adult to use blue swings.




* Slide start at top, end at bottom


* Slide, feet first, on bottom

* Climb stairs to use slide.

* Do not push student in front of you

Monkey Bars


* Start at ______

* All kids go from N to S


* Hanging only by hands


* Keep hands to self while others are on monkey bars

* Give others their space


* Wait your turn


*  Follow rules of game

* Tag and chase on field

* Play inside boundary


* Play fair

* Be kind to others who want to join game



* Anything on the ground stays on ground

* Avoid ice and snow piles (no sliding on ice/snow)































  • Jump ropes are for jumping
  • Walk on sidewalk – no cutting through grass
  • If ball goes over fence-  tell teacher, Mrs. Bath will get it
  • Balls from home are ok- excluding softball/baseballs
  • Bike racks are for bikes- no playing around or on racks
  • Rocks stay in rock piles, don’t bring rocks to other areas on playground (sandbox)
  • Wall ball is for 3rd, 4th, 5th grade only. If younger students are on playground- no wall ball is allowed
  • Hand off policy- picking up, piggy-back rides, grabbing, wrestling, tackling, holding, hitting is not permitted


  • No swinging on stomach, swinging side to side, twisting in swings, flipping or jumping out of swings. Swing forward and back only.
  • One person at a time on swings
  • Blue swings are for integrated services


  • Body inside edge- no hanging arms/legs over side
  • One person at a time

Monkey Bars

  • All students go from N to South
  • One child at a time
  • Hands/feet to self while others are on bars
  • No pulling or grabbing others on bars


  • Two students at a time
  • Students waiting in line count to ten for next turn
  • Arms and feet stay on the spinner


  • No tag or chase on wood chips, all chase games out on field
  • Play inside boundaries
  • New trees in middle of field are boundary for how far to go out on field


  • Stay away from water puddles
  • No throwing big rocks in puddles
  • Snow boots required for walking in snow
  • Snow pants required for playing in snow out on filed