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Andrea Flake
My youngest child started fifth grade last week. His brother, my oldest, is a senior in high school, ready to embark on all kinds of adventures that scare the holy heck out of me. And even though I feel sad, and mourn their sweet baby faces and the way they used to say “broff-test” instead of breakfast, I’m only just a little bit sad. Because they’re growing up, which is exciting for them, and with each passing year there is a considerably smaller amount of crap in my living room. I don’t miss the Nerf guns and their innumerable foam bullets, the severed Barbie heads, the Little People trains and farms and palaces. I miss the small, sweet people who used to play with those things. But in the end, do we really ever celebrate all the plastic bric-a-brac we’ve accumulated? “I’m so happy to have acquired this additional 500 piece Lego kit,” said no parent ever. I’ve spent the better part of seventeen years experimenting with different ways to mess up my three children. I’ve spoiled them, I’ve been too strict, I’ve let my babies cry it out, I’ve co-slept. I’ve eliminated dairy from their  diets and incorporated Cheetos into nearly every road trip we’ve ever taken. But one thing I know I did right was reading to them. Whenever I feel like the world’s worst parent, I can say at least I did that. And I was  good at it. This month the PTO is excited to bring you the book fair and the fall festival, which are absolutely the most exciting things we do all year, and you should go. Because you can watch your kids do the American Ninja Warrior course, then get tacos from the food truck, then shop at the book fair, then go home and snuggle and read your new books together. And that’s a whole lot of parenting wins, just in the space of a few hours. Because that’s really what it’s all about in the end—the time you spent together, and the memories you made. It’s also about the cake walk, if we’re being honest. We’ll see you there.

2019/20 PTO Officers

President – Andrea Flake

Vice President - Nicki Shamis

Secretary – Sara Mallone

Treasurer – Janelle Mainz

Volunteer Coordinator – Sabrina Barstow

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