Bacon Elementary School

5844 South Timberline Road Fort Collins CO 80528
Phone: 970-488-5300 Fax: 970-488-5306 Attendance: 970-488-5310

Sherri Holliday

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<p>I attended UNC in Greeley for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees.</p>

Why I enjoy teaching: 

I love being with kids and learning together.

What I like most about my school: 

Bacon is a great school because it has a committed staff who understand the importance of learning and the balance of life.

Interest & Hobbies: 

I enjoy a wide range of activities from design, painting, crafts, and sewing to outdoor activities. Mostly I enjoy being busy and rarely find myself without a number of irons in the fire!

My Favorite Book: 

I can't really name one book I like over another. I read both fiction and nonfiction, so they can be pretty different and provide stimulation in different ways. I love books that leave me thinking and wondering "what if".