The goal of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBiS), is to help parents and school staff create and maintain a safe, supportive, learning environment, promote positive life skills, and reduce negative behaviors so that all children can succeed in school. PBiS focuses on both individual behavior and environmental factors and has proven more effective than punitive discipline strategies, such as suspension and expulsion. PBiS programs can address issues such as bullying prevention, social skills development, resiliency building, and discipline strategies.

What Is PBiS?

  • Applies behaviorally-based systems approaches to enhance the capacity of schools, families, and communities to design effective environments in which teaching and learning occur.

  • Establishes a leadership team that guides the implementation of PBiS strategies.

  • Develops a set of core behavioral expectations for all students in the school.

  • Engages all school staff, parents, and students in maintaining expectations and employing PBiS strategies.

  • Teaches those expectations across all areas of the school.

  • Provides positive reinforcement for compliance with the expectations.

  • Establishes a hierarchy of consequences as corrective procedures.

  • Collects data on the use of established procedures and the impact of those procedures on behavior.

  • Builds a set of procedures for maintaining PBiS strategies school-wide.

Bacon Elementary's Matrix of Expected Behaviors can be found here.

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