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News Crew

The Morning News is great resource at our school for communication of daily events, as well as promoting leadership values, and school pride. 5th grade students try out and are accepted to be a member of the Morning News Crew to broadcast our daily announcements. Being on the Morning News Crew provides students with many learning experiences and opportunities. They will also have an important leadership role, as students will look up to them as an example during the school year. Members of the Morning Crew will be expected to demonstrate positive behavior and school pride, as well as respect toward all teachers, staff and students at our school.

Being a member of the Morning News Crew teaches students to work as a team, compromise and collaborate and to complete tasks with other students such as writing and presenting news reports. They will also experience many benefits such as team building with fellow crew members, personal growth in leadership and communication skills, confidence in public speaking, and technology and equipment skills.

** Fall 2020 news crew is temporarily on hold. More information will be provided as soon as it is available. **




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