Welcome Back From the Desk of Mr. Horky

Dear Bacon Parents:

First, let me thank you for your support and patience. I am very proud of the way our Bacon staff, students, and you as parents have handled the demands we have faced since the pandemic began in March. When I returned to the building last week, I was able to see first-hand the work that has been done both inside and outside to prepare for a successful 2020-21 school year. Our custodial staff has been hard at work disinfecting all areas of our building. More noticeable has been the upgrades happening on the playground. Not only has additional equipment been added to the playground, we are also having artificial turf and tables added to an area that has long been a trouble area for “muddy shoes” for our students. I’m excited for our students to enjoy these new upgrades.

Our teachers return from summer break in a little over a week. At that time, staff will jump right into planning instruction to be delivered in any of PSD’s four phases of learning. We are excited to take what we learned
in the Spring to plan high-quality instruction that that is flexible enough to transition from one phase of learning to another if necessary, throughout the school year. As we proceed through this unique school year, look for opportunities to provide feedback as we strive to make it count for all learners!

New Staff Members:
Each year, it is exciting to welcome new staff members to our Bacon community. In addition to the new staff members, you will be seeing some familiar faces in different places.

New staff

  • We are excited to have several new classified staff joining our Bacon team this year: Melissa Brady (Health Tech/Office Assistant), Tori Farrelly (kindergarten para), Bailey Thompson (kindergarten para), Jessica Stephens (1st grade para), and Debbie Doner (literacy para).
  • Annie Cunningham is joining our early childhood teaching team.
  • Our itinerant staff will welcome Sarah Rushton (SLP).

Familiar faces in new places

  • Cheyenne Wald will be rejoining her 3rd grade team after spending last year teaching kindergarten.
  • Our fifth-grade teaching team will be welcoming Ryan Dill and Lindsey Leverett.

Class Placements

  • Class placements for the 2020-21 school year will be made available in Parent Vue on Monday, August 17th. Lists will not be posted at our main entrance as they have in the past.

New Parent Orientation and Back to School Parent Meetings

  • You will receive details about these virtual meetings as soon as they become available.