Bacon Elementary School

5844 South Timberline Road Fort Collins CO 80528
Phone:970-488-5300 Attendance: 970-488-5310

Welcome to Bacon Elementary

From the Desk of Mr. Horky

Happy January! I hope you were blessed with a wonderful holiday season and that you were able to spend it with family and friends. It is time now to gear up for a busy and exciting spring semester that will be full of interesting learning opportunities for our students at Bacon. Throughout all of our daily victories, I am convinced even more that what truly matters is our commitment to others.  

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Primary News - Kindergarten

Our latest unit in Treasures is “Animals”. We have been learning about animals, their homes, and their babies. Building this background knowledge will help us with our animal projects that we will be doing in January. To help with our comprehension of stories, we have been making and confirming predictions, classifying, and categorizing as well as identifying character and plot.

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Intermediate News – Third Grade 

Third Grade Expository Writing Focus and Keyboarding Skills We have finished a personal narrative unit in writing and are currently working on an expository writing unit. Expository writing is, without a doubt, the genre that your child will use most often in their school careers and on into their working lives. By definition, expository writing is written to inform an audience of others. You will see this type of writing from your child in the form of research papers, reports, essays, response to literature, how-to pieces, compare/contrast pieces, and writing across the curriculum. 

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Specials News — Art

We have a couple of traditions in the Bacon Art Room. One is the beginning of the year self-portrait that all students in the school draw. You won’t see these until your student is in 5th grade or if they move to another school (if you know that your student will be moving, please let me know so I can round up all your students artwork). I keep all the self-portraits in a file cabinet in the art room, and I love showing off the improvements from year to year. ...

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