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Welcome to Bacon Elementary

From the Desk of Mr. Horky

Dear Bacon Community,

With our building just wrapping up our participation in “The Great Kindness Challenge”, I was reminded of an article about friendship I had shared in a previous newsletter……six years ago. As I re-read the A-Z list, I was not surprised to find that all items listed still apply to friendships and kindness and worthy of inclusion in February’s 2019 edition of the Bacon Newsletter! 


Primary News ~ 2nd Grade

The 2nd graders just finished an exciting Air and Weather science unit. Fort Collins is the perfect place to study the weather because it can change every hour. The kids learned that weather can be very complex and hard to predict. We enjoyed our field trip to the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder.....

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Intermediate News ~ 5th Grade

As we round out the final stages of the second trimester, 5th graders will be hard at work showing depth of understanding in all categories of their academics. February is the perfect time to put our knowledge and higher order thinking to the test and to explore some of the expectations that await in middle school! This month will be full of fun, creativity, and commitment! Here is a snapshot of what we will be up to this month:....

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Specials News ~ PE

All the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students have recently completed their final fitness assessments of the year which include: the Pacer (cardiovascular endurance running test), and push-ups and shoulder stretch. It’s been fun to see these students working hard to meet their fitness goals. After the fitness testing, we’ve started volleyball and have practiced serves and worked on passing. Soon we’ll play modified volleyball games. Our younger students have been playing games that involve striking and eye hand coordination as well as many other fun games.....

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Literacy News

Fluency Issues and Helpful Tips

Children who do not read with fluency may have difficulty with decoding skills or they may just need more practice with speed and smoothing out their reading. Their reading can sound choppy. Fluency is important for motivation; children who find reading laborious tend not to want to read! As readers head into upper elementary grades, fluency becomes increasingly important. The volume of reading required in the upper elementary years escalates dramatically. Children whose reading is slow or labored will have trouble meeting the reading demands of their grade level. 

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School Accountability Committee

Calling all parents who may be interested in being a member of the Bacon School Accountability Committee (SAC). If you’re interested in data and like looking at root causes and strategies to impact this data – being a member of SAC may be right for you. Please email me if you’re interested ( I would love to share more information with you.  

Feeder System

Enjoy the video about our school feeder system by clicking the image below

The school office will be open from 8:00 – 4:00

Together, let’s make it a great year at Bacon Elementary!