Bacon Elementary School

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Welcome to Bacon Elementary

Mission Monday - April 7, 2014

Students and Staff: Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Principal's Newsletter - April 2014

Best Teachers in Town

I have a good friend whose son wrote an acrostic poem about his thoughts on school:  “Seven Crummy Hours of Our Lives.”  Before you jump to any conclusions, let me share a little about my friend’s son.  First of all, he is a freshman in high school.  Secondly, he is a teenager.  Thirdly, he thinks he’s pretty funny.  Last of all, he really does like school, but only on two conditions. Read More

Primary News - First Grade

As winter fades and spring comes, 1st grade behavior can become more energetic and playful on the playground.  We began re-teaching outside expectations for outside behavior in an attempt to lessen any problem behavior. Read More

Intermediate News - 4th Grade

4th Grade is loving Spring time!

Spring is here and TCAP was a success! Thank you for encouraging your child during the week of TCAP. We know it can be a stressful time, but we have confidence your child gave it their all! Read More

Specials News - P.E.

It’s been an active couple of months in the physical education world.  First, I wanted to thank all the Bacon parents for their support with the 5210/Schools on the Move challenge.  This has been a great one month program (sponsored by the Healthy Kids Club at UC Health) to encourage students, teachers, school staff and families to adopt the following healthy habits every day. Read More