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Welcome to Bacon Elementary

From the Desk of Mr. Horky

Dear Bacon Community,
I hope you were blessed with a wonderful holiday season and that you were able to spend it with family and friends. It is time now to gear up for a busy and exciting second semester that will be full of interesting learning opportunities for our students at Bacon Elementary.
As we enter the new year, it’s always fun to reflect first before focusing our attention on what’s ahead. A verse from a song currently on my running playlist goes like this, “What’s behind, I can clearly see. But that beyond, that’s beyond me.”.


Primary News ~ Kindergarten

What a great time of year it is to be a Kindergartener! They are growing and learning new things each day. As the year comes to an end, we want to share just a bit of what we are working on each day.....

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Intermediate News ~ 3rd Grade

Third Grade Expository Writing Focus and Keyboarding Skills

We have finished a personal narrative unit in writing and are currently working on an expository writing unit...

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Specials News ~ Art

We have a couple of traditions in the Bacon Art Room. One is the beginning of the year self-portrait that all students in the school draw. You won’t see these until your student is in 5th grade or if you are moving to another school (if you know that you’ll be moving, please let me know so I can round up all the artwork for your child). I keep all the self-portraits in a file cabinet in the art room, and I love showing off the improvements from year to year.

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English Language Development (ELD) News

Hello and Happy New Year! My name is Briana Avendaño and this is my second year teaching ELD at Bacon. I absolutely love spending my days teaching English to our amazing emerging bilingual students!!! I previously taught ELD for 11 years in Thornton, CO. My goal is to meet the language, cultural, and academic needs of each student through engaging lessons in collaboration with classroom teachers. I am beyond excited to see our population of emerging bilinguals grow and am amazed daily on how hard our students work while learning in a second language.
Bacon is immensely proud of our amazingly diverse students! Currently there are 16 different languages spoken within the Bacon community. We truly believe bilingualism is an asset to our community, our school, and our students. We value the backgrounds and experiences our students share with us. There are many cognitive, social-emotional, learning, and global benefits to being bilingual.

Poudre School District uses E.L. Achieve’s curriculum and training for teachers to support the development of English and academics for our emerging bilingual students. At Bacon, our programming supports students who are developing English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills throughout multiple content areas.

Poudre School District offers translation and interpretation support. If you have questions or would benefit from this service, please contact your child’s classroom teacher and/or Briana Avendano, ELD Teacher or Michelle Ambrosek, PSD Family Liaison.
Briana Avendano
(970) 488-5372
Michelle Ambrosek
(970) 646-8906
“Language is our cultural tool-we use it to share experience and so to collectively, jointly, make sense of it...Language is therefore...a means for people to think and learn together.”
-Neil Mercer

School Accountability Committee

Calling all parents who may be interested in being a member of the Bacon School Accountability Committee (SAC). If you’re interested in data and like looking at root causes and strategies to impact this data – being a member of SAC may be right for you. Please email me if you’re interested ( I would love to share more information with you.  

Feeder System

Enjoy the video about our school feeder system by clicking the image below

The school office will be open from 8:00 – 4:00

Together, let’s make it a great year at Bacon Elementary!