Bacon Elementary School

5844 South Timberline Road Fort Collins CO 80528
Phone:970-488-5300 Attendance: 970-488-5310

Welcome to Bacon Elementary

Principals' Newsletter - March

Dear Bacon Community,

Happy March!  Spring Break is right around the quarter – then we are off to the 4th quarter of the school year.  I must say, this has been one of the most fantastic school years EVER!  Education is ever-changing with increased demands on both the students as well as the teachers. Read More

Primary News - Second Grade

The 2nd graders just started our journey through Ft. Collins history.  We began by learning about life in Ft. Collins 10,000 years ago.  The 2nd graders were amazed to learn that, during the 2nd ice age, Megafauna (ask a 2nd grader to define that word for you) Bison and Woolly Mammoths roamed Ft. Collins.  Read More

Intermediate News - Fifth Grade

In math, we just recently finished our algebra unit.  We learned about variables, expressions, and equations.  We practiced solving linear equations for a variable.  We learned to create a table of values for an equation involving two variables and then graphed the data on a coordinate grid.  Read More

Specials News - Art

It’s been a great whirlwind of creativity in the art room!  We have just finished our clay projects which are always a student favorite. Read More