Intermediate News - 3rd Grade

During third grade math, we will focus on the meaning of multiplication and different ways to show and represent multiplication. This includes showing multiplication as repeated addition, jumps on a number line and in an array. It is a third grade standard for all children to leave third grade with their multiplication facts 0-10 memorized.

We would love for families to help their children practice their multiplication facts at home. When beginning fact fluency, 0s, 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s will be the easiest for your child to memorize. We recommend starting with these facts. You help your child by skip counting these numbers and discussing patterns.

Additional practice can be done with flashcards or online. Multiplication flash cards have been seen at Walmart and the Dollar Tree, but can also be hand-made using a set of 3x5 notecards.

Here are some tips and suggestions to use with your child while practicing flash cards. When the multiplication cards are first introduced to your child, it may be helpful to go through the stack one time to determine the facts that students know and the facts that students are struggling with. If your child hesitates for approximately 3 seconds or more, place that card in the “need more practice” stack. For cards that your child can say automatically (less than 3 seconds), place those cards in the “already know” stack. You will want to focus the majority of your training time on the “need more practice” stack; however, it is important that your child occasionally review all of their multiplication facts to reinforce their mathematical knowledge.

In addition to simply quizzing your child with flashcards, here are some “twists” on this learning tool that can spice up their fact fluency practice: Students can play multiplication, flashcard war. In this game the students will need a partner (parent, brother, sister, friend, etc.). Both partners flip a card. They find the answer, the partner with the bigger answer gets to keep both cards. Students can play multiplication, flashcard Go-Fish. In this game the students will need a partner (parent, brother, sister, friend, etc.). Each partner group gets 7 flash cards. Partners take turns asking…”Do you have a _____?” and “Go-Fish”. ****For example, “Do you have a 20?” * Kids can make matches with (5x4), (4 x 5), (2 x 10), or (10 x 2).

Thanks for supporting your third grade mathematicians at home!

-The Third Grade Team