Intermediate News - 5th Grade

We have been very busy this fall in 5th grade! As a collective, each classroom has been working hard to establish classroom goals and values, as well as to develop clear expectations. The kids have been exploring challenging concepts across the curriculum areas like: decimals, place-value, and multi-digit multiplication in math; writing five paragraph personal narrative essays using strong word choice and expositions; and engaging in collaborative discussions by drawing inferences and conclusions from text. A big focus has been on reading for meaning by identifying key ideas and details and exploring new vocabulary. The students are encouraged to think about their metacognition and explore how they think and learn.

In social studies they have busily explored the migration patterns of the first Native Americans and dug deep into the genetic tracing and resulting cultural regions of different tribes. It has been an informative start!

This month, our focus will be on incorporating new concepts as well as building upon current ones like: using different strategies to multiply decimals and divide whole numbers in math; developing personal narrative writing pieces and the use of story development, voice, and dialogue in writing; making connections and applying deeper thinking when analyzing challenging texts and novels in reading; and exploring the watery planet we live on and how we interact with it in science. It should prove to be a fun filled November!

-The Fifth Grade Team