Specials News - Music

                    Music Is Going Full Swing at Bacon!

Hello Bacon Families! It is so good to have each and every student back in
the music room together. We have missed being able to have our
community whole as we create, play, and learn through music. COVID-19
precautions have prevented us from singing as a class, but we have been
inventive, and students are still receiving a wholesome and complete
music education while still having lots of fun!

Kindergartners have learned the difference between loud and soft music
and fast and slow music through games, books, instruments and moving
to music. We have also been exploring our voice through non-singing
vocal exploration (humming), playing games, and moving expressively
throughout the music room.

First Graders have been responding to music through movement, as we
highlighted high, middle, and low pitches in common songs and games.
Then we named them as Mi, Re, and Do and used instruments such as
Boomwhackers, xylophones, and percussion to practice hearing these
pitches. Coming up next, students will be working on music that moves in
sets of two or sets of three meter through instrument playing as well as
practicing movement and choreography.

Second Grade has been busy with learning higher pitches such as So and
we will be looking forward to adding La which will increase the number of
songs that they will know and hear in class. We often use these songs in
various movement games around the classroom, then put them in
instruments. Recently, students have also been performing choreography
together with Imagine Dragon’s “Thunder.” We have also been working
on putting our Do, Re, Mi, and So on the musical staff using manipulatives
to create our own musical compositions!

Third grade is working hard putting music on the staff. We have had our
detective hats on and have practiced using our decoding skills through
reading G, A, B, C, and D on the musical staff. Then, we put this music in
keyboards (we are using these instead of recorders this year) to develop
our technique. Recently, students have also been performing
choreography together with Imagine Dragon’s “Thunder.” We can look
forward to learning more notes on the musical staff through decoding and
playing on the keyboard. Our goal is to be familiar with Middle C-High G
on the treble clef staff before summer!

Fourth and Fifth grades have both been working hard on a song-writing
unit recently. Students have had the opportunity to practice creating their
own songs with mini lessons on major vs. minor, duple vs. triple, music
form, and chord practice. Then, students have had the choice to put their
songs on ukuleles, keyboards, and/or percussion to practice in groups. It
has been so exciting seeing what they can come up with! In the coming
weeks, students can look forward to extending their instrument skills and
working to build ensembles with the different instruments.

Spread the joy of music however you can!

Mrs. Martinez