Primary News - 2nd Grade

The second graders have been learning so much about Fort Collins history! As we continued through our Exploration of Fortsun Collins history, we learned about Camp Collins, the founders of our city, the Native Americans that lived in this area and possible reasons for people moving west in the 1850’s. We ended this unit with Fort Collins History Day*. We loved giving our students an opportunity to feel what life was like for the settlers who came to Fort Collins. We invited students to dress up, eat lunch outside and participate in a mile walk around the track to simulate the 600 mile journey that the settlers made from the east coast. We also did various activities like making butter, designing Native American shields, eating traditional foods, and journaling about our experiences as both settlers and Native Americans. It was such an impactful day for everyone!!

*Due to remote learning situations, Fort Collins History Day may occur after this newsletter is published for some second grade sections