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Intermediate News

Intermediate News ~ 5th Grade

I can’t believe it is already May... the end of the year is fast approaching! As we begin to wrap up I want to remind and update you on what we will be working on in 5th grade these last few weeks of school. For starters, CMAS testing is finally over! Every student worked so hard and truly did an outstanding job! Thank you for all your support at home. We also began our unit on Human Growth and Development on April 29th. It’s a unit the kids always dread but come away from feeling confident and more mature as they head towards middle school. In other academic areas we continue to work hard as well. Here are a few things we are up to this last month of school:

In terms of Math, we will spend the last few weeks reviewing a number of math topics that were a little harder to grasp. We will be going over multiplying and dividing decimals as well as fractions and volume concepts.

In writing we will begin to work on a wax museum project in which each student will choose an important individual from History. They will be writing about this individual’s life, accomplishments, challenges and legacy and they will later have the opportunity to dress up and present their findings to the class in a fun way.

In Social Studies we will also be working on one last project in which students will have the chance to create, market and sell (using Bulldog dollars) a product to other students in the 5th grade. This activity will be a part of our economics unit and it ties beautifully into many of our challenging math concepts as well.

Finally, in Reading the kids are working on a historical study of migration in the early 1800’s exploring things like child labor laws and orphan trains. Some groups will be doing book studies.

Last but not least, please do not forget to mark your calendars for the 5th grade graduation on May 29th! Students will be at the park until 12:15 and parents are invited to the formal celebration at Bacon Elementary at 1:15. Plan on packing sack lunches for a 5th grade picnic on our playground prior to the graduation. It’ll be an amazing day!! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about anything taking place during these last few weeks!

-The 5th Grade Team