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Intermediate News

Intermediate News ~ Fifth Grade

In writing, 5th graders are researching biographies of important historical figures. After learning about a person from the past and the important role he or she played, the students will present their new knowledge in the form of an interactive “Wax Museum.” They will write a short biographical monologue to recite as they assume the character of the figure they have researched. Along with their fellow 5th grade peers, the 4th grade students will also be invited to tour the “Wax Museum” and interact with the “exhibits” to learn about people from our past. It’s sure to be both fun and informative!
In reading, we are studying the novel, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, with an emphasis on community, character development, and conflict. In addition, students are making creative book projects that show their comprehension of a text.
In social studies, 5th graders have been learning about events that led up to the American Revolution. They have acted out debates between loyalists and patriots and played tug-of-war to replicate the advantages and disadvantages the patriots faced while fighting the British.
We just completed the state science tests and will finish off the year with a unit on variables. We will do many interesting experiments and see how different variables affect the outcomes. Among the more popular experiments is the flipper experiment where kids use different sized Popsicle sticks to launch objects across the room! We can't wait!
In math we have a variety of topics left to learn before we leave for summer break and head into sixth grade! We will learn about 2D geometrical figures and how to classify them, measurement conversion of both customary and metric units, graphing coordinates on a coordinate plane, order of operations and linear equations, and reading and writing data in line plots. It’s a lot to cover, but we can do it!