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Primary News

Primary News ~ Kindergarten

What a great time of year it is to be a Kindergartener! They are growing and learning new things each day. As the year comes to an end, we want to share just a bit of what we are working on each day.

Our reading skills are continuing to develop during whole group and small group reading instruction. We are practicing how to stretch and blend words while reading and are also gaining more and more sight word recognition too. Students are becoming more comfortable tracking print across the page and using basic reading strategies if they come across a tricky word. Please continue to support their literacy growth by reading the books being sent home in their “Book In a Bag.” This is an easy and effective way to help them become great readers and it makes a difference.

Math has been primarily learning all about addition in this unit. We have spent many lessons on understanding what it means to add or join two groups of numbers together and then how to write an equation to go with it using the correct + and = symbols. Kids are also gaining math vocabulary and know that an equation can also be called a number model or number sentence. If you are looking for ways to practice math skills at home, you can always practice counting to 100 by 1s, 5s and 10s as well as recognizing and writing numbers to 20 if this is still a developing skill for your child.

Finally, writer’s workshop is a favorite time of day for many kiddos! They are producing great pieces of writing and working so hard. We are focusing much of our time on making sure we have at least 5 details in our pictures to help tell the story and that their words match the picture. We spend a lot of time modeling and practicing stretching the sounds we hear in words for spelling, which is a tricky part of writing in Kindergarten. And last, we spend time talking about the importance of using finger spaces between our words as well as starting each sentence with a capital letter and ending with punctuation. It is amazing to see how much they have grown as writers already in this first half of the year.

We wish you all a restful and relaxing winter break. Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership to make this year a success. We are so looking forward to coming back after the New Year to continue teaching and learning alongside these fantastic little ones.