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Primary News

Primary News ~ Kindergarten

Spring has sprung! Kindergarteners are keeping busy this time of year. In science, we are learning all about weather, seasons and the water cycle in addition to writing about our scientific observations.

We also will be spending time this spring in science talking about plants, insects and butterflies. A highlight for this unit of study will be our fieldtrip to the Butterfly Pavilion on April 3rd… We can’t wait!

Our students are growing as readers and writers. They are beginning to add more to their writing and experimenting with different ending punctuation as well as doing some editing after they are done. We are also learning that there are different types of writing such as personal narrative, opinion and even “how to” writing. It is amazing to see how far they have come. Also, thank you for your home to school partnership with the reading logs and book in a baggie – this is such an impactful tool to keep them reading “just right books” but most importantly, they are SO PROUD of their reading and often cannot wait to take that book home to read to someone. So, thank you for continuing to be a part of this!

Math is keeping us hopping this time of year as well. We have been working hard on basic addition and subtraction and even number families. Kids are learning that a number family takes 3 numbers and you can make four problems: 1+ 3 = 4 3+1=4 4-1=3 and 4-3=1. If your child has not yet mastered writing or recognizing numbers to 20 as well as counting to 100 by 1s and 10s – keep on practicing at home, it is a great help to have a little extra practice time outside of school!

It has been a joy for all of us to watch these little bulldogs grow and change this year. Watching their enthusiasm for learning and trying new things is such a treat and privilege to be a part of – we are looking forward to finishing off the year strong!