Primary News - 2nd Grade

The 2nd Grade team is thrilled to have our students back in our classrooms. We have missed having all of them in our classrooms so much! We are so proud of how they have persevered during the 1st semester. They displayed many of our Bacon Elementary character traits as they dealt with all of the changes. We would also love to thank our parents for their patience, flexibility, and grace that they shared with us throughout the Fall Semester. Thank you!

Our 2nd grade Math students will be working on Money with the return to the classroom. We will review the names of the coins and counting the coins. This is a great time to get a handful of coins and count them from the least value to the greatest. It is always an exciting unit for our students because the best way to learn about money is to spend it! With Mom and Dad's permission of course! In Socials Studies we will be learning about Maps. We will learn about different types of maps,
landforms, and how to navigate maps.

We can't wait to hear our students reading in person! It is always the best part of the day when we get to hear our students' fantastic reading in person. Thank you for your patience as we continue our next phase of learning!

~ 2nd Grade Team