Intermediate News - 4th Grade

We’ve made it back to in-person learning and are so excited to have our students in person! We know the kids are excited to be back as well!

Math: We are currently learning how to add and subtract fractions with common denominators. At the end of February, we moved into multiplying fractions and then learned about decimals.

Reading: We just finished a non-fiction unit, with a focus on text features and how they help you understand the text. Our next focus is another novel study - Tuck Everlasting, a 4th grade favorite. The focus of the novel unit is literary elements - character analysis, plot, setting, and theme.

Science/Social Studies: Science has been integrated with our reading. Students have learned about weather and natural disasters. In Social Studies students are learning about the Native Americans that have called Colorado home and will complete the unit with a diorama.

- 4th Grade Team