Counselor's Office

Happy April from the Counseling Team!
Our Bacon Bulldogs did great work in their SEL lessons with Mrs. Fullerton
in March. They started learning about emotional awareness and calm
down strategies in all grade levels. Ask your kids to sing their calm down
song to you! We wrapped up our week before spring break celebrating
Kindness Week! Not only did the kids have fun dress up days, but they
have also created compliment jars in their classrooms to read together, as
well as colored pictures with sweet notes to residents of a local nursing
home. Thank you PTO for all of your hard work with us to make Kindness
Week special! After spring break, students in K-3rd grade began
participating in the Safety Smarts Program offered by Voices Carry, Child
Advocacy Center.

service of the Connections program whose goal is the early identification
and treatment of mental health and substance use disorders that affect
health, happiness, family and school. Some services are free, and some
have sliding fees. Client assistance is available for families who qualify.

Services include:

  • Initial screening and assessment to help pinpoint specific issues or problems and determine the best course of action
  • Help navigating the complex system of care, and help connecting to treatment, resources and support
  • Serving as a go-between and advocate as families work with school, health-care providers and other community resources
  • Psychiatric and psychological services
  • Short-term counseling services
  • Education and support for patients and their families

Lastly, if your family is struggling to find resources of any kind (clothing,
food, toiletries, etc), please feel free to reach out to me directly at I am happy to support you!

Have a wonderful April, Bulldogs!

Mrs. Poynter, Counselor and Mrs. Fullerton, SEL Para