From the Desk of Mr. Horky

As I write the final newsletter article of the year, part of me feels like we just started while another feels like August was so long ago! Either way, it has been a year full of “firsts” and unique challenges that we will all look back on someday and say, “Wow!”

Bacon Students:

  • I’ve never been more proud of a group of students than I am of this year’s Bacon Bulldogs! Of the 8 Keys of Excellence, two stand out in particular for this year’s group of Bulldogs. “This is It” took on a whole different meaning for our students as they were asked to focus their attention on the present moment with a positive attitude. Combine this with “Flexibility” and it pretty much encapsulates the 2020-21 school year for our students.

Bacon Staff:

  • At first, you wondered if it could be done. Grace was given as you were asked to navigate starting a school year fully remote…it didn’t take long for you to master the technology allowing high quality virtual instruction for your students. To this day, I still marvel at your ability to plan and make in the moment decisions focused on learning intentions, success criteria, all while building relationships with your students. Hybrid teaching pushed you in ways we could have never imagined. Who would have thought that it would be possible for a teacher to have half their class in-person with the other half joining virtually from home? By Bacon being Bacon….you were asked to have a four-day continuation of learning during this phase and I am proud of your “Commitment” to make it happen. January 19th felt like the third first day of school…..your smiles helped ease any anxiety around having all Bacon Bulldogs back in the building. Safety protocols, revamped routines and procedures…you took it all in stride. Thanks for making it count for all learners!

Bacon Parents:

  • Where do I start? We asked for grace and you gave us grace to learn, try new things, and honestly…at times model the Key of Excellence of “Failure Leads to Success.” Our staff were never afraid to be risk takers and to try new things because they had the support of you…the parents of our Bacon Bulldogs! I’m sure each school community says the same thing, but the Bacon school community is pretty special! This has never been more evident than during the 2020-21 school year. I thank you now, I’ll thank you later, and will thank you years from now when I look back and remember the year we did school during a pandemic!

Mr. Horky