Specials News - Music

Updates from the Bacon Music Room:

First of all, thank you for continuing to support your learner at home. Thank you also for your patience as I learn to be an “online” and “hybrid” music teacher in these crazy times. My focus is to keep students engaged, learning and joyful, but I know that I cannot be successful without your support. I continue to do my best each day for kids and find creative ways to make music fun with all of the health restrictions. As I balance the important work of teaching and keeping our kids safe, you can support your student in the following ways:

  • Login at music time to participate in a warm-up and then a whole group lesson. This is usually when I introduce new concepts or vocabulary and I explain the work they will do independently.
  • Check in to see that they are completing their work. Music is a subject that is always building and spiraling on previous lessons, so it is important to complete the work as it is assigned. I post every assignment in Google Classroom. Many of our assignments are completed in SeeSaw, but I always include a direct link from Google Classroom to SeeSaw to try and keep things simple and organized.
  • I try to keep the independent work to 10-15 minutes worth of work on remote learning days. Singing and playing together as a family can make this work even more fun.
  • Singing and reading rhymes are essential parts of musical and verbal development. Please sing at home with your child and try to find a place for them to feel comfortable singing during remote work.

Finally, I want to thank PTO once again for supporting me in purchasing 90 ukuleles for our 5th graders. I went to our Bacon PTO in September with a desire to do something special for our 5th grade students. I also wanted to find a way for each student to have an instrument to play at home and at school. There are many people to thank for making this possible. Our Bacon PTO generously paid for these instruments to become a part of our school library. Through a partnership with Ukuglobal Ukuleles and Bohemian Foundation, we were able to purchase very high quality instruments at a great price.  I would also like to thank Karen Lanter for helping to order and process the paperwork for this purchase, Sarah Garvert for her assistance in adding these to the library checkout system, and Jen Dixon for helping me with the incredible task of unboxing, tuning, and labeling all of these instruments. Well over 50 hours of work have gone into getting these ready for students, and I am so appreciative of everyone who has helped. Our
5th grade students are very happy and excited for this opportunity!

Mrs. Martinez