From the Desk of Mr. Horky

Dear Bacon Community,

In the midst of the pandemic and the challenges it has brought, I feel the need to change the narrative and reflect on the positives we are experiencing at Bacon Elementary.

  • The “It” of Make IT count for all learners has taken on new meaning this year. Our teachers are making it count by handing out both in-person and virtual Dog Bones to students going above and beyond our BARK expectations.

  • Nerves were high when school started on August 24th in Phase One: Remote Learning. Our staff worked tirelessly to have things “just right” for that first day. Never did they imagine they would be remote teachers but I am truly proud of what they have accomplished. 

  • I’ve witnessed our students and staff be risk-takers!

  • Who knew I would be able to conduct teacher observations…virtually! Though not ideal, it gives me a first-hand view of what it’s like to be a remote learner in the teacher’s classroom. Teachers are learners and want as much feedback as they can get as they strive to be the best they can be.

  • The “B” of BARK is Be Responsible. Our students have demonstrated great responsibility by following our new building protocols put in place to keep everyone safe.

  • Our Key of Excellence for November was Speak with Good Purpose. This key took on a new dimension this year as our staff have now been sharing the importance not only in the words we speak…but also the words we type as remote learners.
  • I’ve said many times but it bears repeating…..the Bacon school community is second to none! The support we have received has made the challenges just a little less daunting. Personally, the nice notes or positive emails just seemed to arrive when they were needed most. We so appreciate you!

  • The front office staff continues to impress. We’ve welcomed a new face but will be losing a familiar face at the end of the month. Mrs. Lanter is passing the torch…needless to say, her presence and positivity will be missed. Thanks Mrs. Lanter for doing your part to make it count for all learners since Bacon opened in 2003!

On behalf of the Bacon staff, please allow me to extend our wishes for an enjoyable December.

“Be kind, be thoughtful, be genuine, but most of all be thankful.”

Mr. Horky