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Specials News ~ The Music Note

Highlights from the Bacon Music Room

Kindergarteners have been starting to get ready for their Spring Kindergarten Showcase Concert which will be held on May 16, 2018 at 12:00 PM in the Bacon Elementary Gym. Our theme is Songs of the Sea and we have been learning many different types of music about the ocean and sea. We hope you will be able to join us for our concert!

First Graders have been busy learning about quarter rest and enjoyed center-based experiences with the rhythms we know. At centers, students played on instruments, wrote their own songs, and used different games to practice what we know. In February, we focused on melody and learned our first two notes of solfege: sol and mi. We are going to continue practicing our melodic skills through the end of the year and learning how rhythm and melody are written and expressed together.

Second Grade has now learned the full do pentatonic scale: do, re, mi. so and la. We practiced these skills in center based learning that included games, playing xylophones and Boomwhackers, singing, and writing our own songs! We also are spending time learning about the instrument families of the orchestra. We are going to continue practicing what we know and are getting ready to learn about sixteenth notes before the end of the year.

Third grade spent most of second trimester learning how to play the recorder. Students worked hard to learn how to decode musical notation and instrument fingerings at the same time in order to learn how to play folk songs at a level of their choice on the recorder. We will now be learning about how the songs and notes we learned on recorder tie together with singing solfege. We will continue to synthesize the knowledge we have gained through new experiences with musical instruments and singing.

Fourth grade also spent some of the second trimester playing recorders, but this year students worked to dig deeper into understanding and playing more difficult pieces of music. We also have learned about syncopation in music. We will wrap up our year by getting out our ukuleles again and talking about melody and harmony and how they work together.

Fifth grade completed their unit on the guitar. Students have learned G, C, D, Em, A, E, and Am chords on their guitars and had many experiences practicing as a class, in small groups, partners and individually. For their assessment, students were able to choose a song to learn at a difficulty of their choice to perform for me independently. It was so exciting to see how much these students grew in just a couple of months! We will wrap up the year with talking about the basics of piano and bass guitar and will try to put together our own modern band pieces in the classroom using electric guitar, electric bass, drums, keyboard and vocals.

Happy Spring!

Mrs. MartinezĀ