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Specials News ~ Technology

The world of technology is a fast-moving place, which aligns perfectly with the wonderful energy Bacon students bring to school every day! It's hard to believe we have already been in school a full trimester, but when I look at the skills students have developed in the past couple months I see it has been time well spent.

Here are a few examples of how our students work with technology to broaden their education and understanding of the modern world:
 Kindergarten: Basic parts of a computer and mouse skills, digital drawing, website exploration, bookmarking websites in Google Chrome and our big recent event of learning our own personal computer log in information!

 First Grade: Review of computer basics, digital drawing, keyboarding, learning the benefits of logging in to our Goggle chrome accounts and receiving assignments in google classroom.

 Second Grade: Review computer basics, using google classroom to receive assignments, digital presentation design in creating insect presentations and looking with the eye of a scientist to digitally draw their insect, keyboarding skills, and digital citizenship.

 Third Grade: Digital presentation design, using google classroom to add and turn in assignments, keyboarding, digital citizenship with data analysis of online safety rule awareness for the class.

 Fourth Grade: Online digital presentation design, website development, Google Apps for education, digital documentation of hands on learning with our salt dough map reflects saving to the server and file naming protocol, keyboarding, using google classroom to receive assignments and digital citizenship.

 Fifth Grade: Online digital presentation design, website development, Google Apps for education, keyboarding, using google classroom to receive assignments, digital citizenship and an introduction to 3D design.

Another exciting announcement from the media center is due to a generous grant from the PSD School Innovation Grant Program and additional generous funding from our own amazing PTO, we will soon be ordering a set of 15 LEGO Mindstorm robotic kits and 15 LEGO WeDo robotics kits. Watch for more information on the robotics program in upcoming newsletters and if you are interested in assisting with the initial organization, inventorying and set up please email Ms. Hartman at
Please encourage your child to practice keyboarding skills on a regular basis. Just as beginning writers must think about letter formation, beginning typist must think about key placement. It is through practice that our skills improve, therefore making the use of technology – keyboard and pencil alike – easier to use as tools for learning. Third and Fourth Grade students are invited to the lab during their lunch recess every Tuesday and Thursday for our Typing at Lunch Club. Come listen to music and improve those keyboarding skills!

Melissa Hartman, Technology Specialist

~ Just a reminder to send in headphones for individual use in a gallon sized Ziploc labeled with student name, grade level and teacher name
~ We have a small treasure chest in the media center with small toy prizes for birthdays. If you have clean, gently used toys that are no longer loved in your home consider sending a small bag in for our birthday bin. One kid’s trash may be another’s treasure. Thank you!