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Specials News ~ PE

All the 4th and 5th grade students have recently completed their final fitness tests of the year which include: the Pacer (running test, which tests cardiovascular endurance), push-ups(tests muscular strength) and shoulder stretch(tests flexibility). It’s been fun to see these students working hard to meet their fitness goals. After the fitness testing, we’re planning to start tennis. We’ll be playing modified tennis games such as Kings/Queens of the court, Rallyball, and One Ball Live. We’ll be working on skills such as the forehand, backhand and modified serves. Our younger students have been playing games that involve striking and eye hand coordination as well as many other fun active tagging games.

Schools on the Move Challenge (5210)

The month of February will be when this year’s schools on the move challenge takes place. Be on the lookout for notes home in Friday folders for more information. Here are the details for this year’s challenge: What is it?

The Schools on the Move 5210 Challenge is a one month program (from Feb. 1st -Feb. 28th) (sponsored by Healthy Kids Club, UC Health) to encourage students, teachers, school staff and families to adopt the 5210 healthy habits. The goal is to get: 5 fruits and vegetables, 2 hours or less of recreational screen time, 1 hour or more of physical activity, and to drink 0 sugary drinks… every day! Research shows that good nutrition and daily activity leads to better concentration, increased attention, improved memory, better moods, less fatigue, and improved brain function. HEALTHY KIDS LEARN BETTER! Join the Challenge – practice healthy habits AND WIN PRIZE MONEY FOR BACON!

Family Challenge

Family members can participate in the challenge by tracking their 5210 healthy habits! Simply go to and print the family activity log. Family members who meet the 60 check challenge will receive a t-shirt and will be entered into a drawing for ten $50 Target gift cards.


All students, staff and family participants who get 60 checks out of a possible 112 get a challenge t-shirt! ****LOGS MUST BE SIGNED BY A PARENT/GUARDIAN AND COMPLETED IN FULL TO BE COUNTED

P.E. related dates:

Also, I wanted to remind everyone of some important dates. The district track meets this year will be:

 4 th and 5th grade students who qualify will be invited to one or more of the district track meets. Students will be qualifying for these events in P.E. during March, April and May.

 Long Distance meet will be on Wednesday night May 9th

 District Track meet (field events and sprinting events) will be on Saturday May 12th

 Field day will be on Friday May 11th this year.

Thanks for supporting P.E. here at Bacon.

~ Mr. Crawford

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